Surveys and Reports of The Japan Health Care Dental Association

Surveys and Reports

  • Do Project: The Survey 1
    • Survey on New Patients Who Visit Dental Offices (seiichi Sugiyama, DDS)
  • Do Project: The Survey 2
    • Survey on the Prevention of Caries Development by the Regular Oral Health Management (Shozo Fujiki, DDS)
  • Do Project: The Survey 3
    • Survey on the Maintenance Care and the Tooth Loss in the Dental Offices(Seiichi Sugiyama, DDS)
  • Do Project: The Survey 4
    • Assessment of Oral Health Related QOL-Significance and Summary ofBaseline Survey (Toru Naito, DDS)
  • Research to find out the situation relating to support programs for patients who want to quit smoking
  • DMF teeth by school age in each community; based on dental examination in school (2005)
  • Questionnaire Survey to Patients, 2001: Patients' Consciousness towards Dental Clinics of Regular Check-up Systems and their Evaluation for Services Provided (April, 2001)
  • Fluorides; A Survey Conducted on Academic Professionals and the association's Members (March, 2000)
  • About the Use of Explorer for the First-Stage Caries Examination (June, 1998)