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Nonsmoking Support Project

At the Foundation of Tokyo International Community we have taken legal action to request the administration of the Tokyo Forum to make a serious countermeasure against secondhand smoking. The Tokyo Forum is easily accessable and offers quality facilities. In fact we received compliments of its quality from participants after meetings held at Tokyo Forum on March 3rd and 4th. Yet there is a serious problem to be considered. We found the countermeasure against secondhand smoking incomplete at the time of the meetings. Although Tokyo Forum is located in the Chiyoda ward which prohibits smoking on the street, yet there was no restraint on smoking in the building. This inconsistency between policy of the Chiyoda ward and the regulation of the Tokyo Forum caused many participants to feel confused and uncomfortable.

This statute violates the 25th article of the Health Improvement Law (which will be enacted on the May 1st, 2003) that aims to stop secondhand smoking. So we suggest you to set a provision of secondhand smoking.

Health Improvement Law

The 25th articles

Administrations of schools, gyms, playhouses, restaurants, and other places that many people use, must make a procedure for provision of secondhand smoking.

Then how....?

  • Total non-smoking.
  • Complete isolation of smoking area by exhaust systems.

Air cleaners do not filter out detrimental substances in cigarette smoke but only stir cigarette smoke: they do not count as a good provision.


We would appreciate it if you notify us of any countermeasures for secondhand smoking. Any proper provision will be widely informed to organizations concerned with the non-smoking act.

March 31, 2003
The Japan Healthcare Dental Association
Non-smoking support project
Izumi Muramatsu

Reply to the proposal by the general manager of Tokyo International Community Foundation:

"Administration of the Tokyo Forum has discussed the policy of smoking in the building to provide a safe and comfortable environment for smokers and non-smokers since last fall. Undergoing the committee's decision, smoking areas were reduced from five to two, and were moved away from the benches. We will continue to discuss the smoking policy. We thank you for your valuable suggestion and will keep working on improvement of the smoking policy."