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The Journal of The Japan Health Care Dental Association

The Journal of The Japan Health Care Dental Association Vol.10 No.1, 2008

Clinical Application of ICDAS (International Caries Detection & Assessment System) and It's Future Prospects

Yoshihiro Toyoshima, DDS

The caries judging criteria(Co〜C4) currently in use by the Japanese Association of School Dentists has been established linearly on histological appearance and the degree of severity of caries without any regard of its changing risks. This traditional disease model 'A caries does not heal spontaneously and develops if left untreated' should be reconsidered and a new detection and assessment system has to be proposed. The formulating work of ICDAS II has begun on an internationally measurable caries judging criteria. ICDAS II is minutely designed to group findings and establish caries lesions, not by drilling treatment of teeth, but encouraging remineralization on the premise that findings include the teeth judged C1, however caries development ceases leaving many stained but otherwise healthy teeth. The wide use of ICDAS in Japan will help to reduce the trend of excessive drilling of patients' teeth.

J Health Care Dent. 2008; 10: 6-10

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