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The Journal of The Japan Health Care Dental Association

The Journal of The Japan Health Care Dental Association Vol.10 No.1, 2008

Do Project; The Survey 1
Survey on New Patients Who Visit Dental Offices Report 3 (2008)

Shozo Fujiki, DDS

The Japan Health Care Dental Association has formulated data for new patients with a purpose to comprehending experiences of patients visiting dental offices which are less influenced by regularly controlled treatment. The outcome of the study will become the standard for patients who visit dental offices in Japan. This study utilizes data on 10,982 patients who visited 31 research-friendly dental offices nationwide from January 1 through December 31,2007, including factors such as age, sex, the age of first examination. It also includes data for patients aged 20 and above of the number of DMF teeth, the number of remaining teeth, specific degree of periodontal disease development (by the protocol of the Japan Health Care Dental Association), smoking experience, the age of first smoking, current smoker or not, and the total numbers of cigarettes ever smoked by the first examination. DMFT from the age of 5 to 20 shows the same tendency with last year, but that from 15 to 18 there was a decrease compared to last year. The numbers of people who gave up smoking increased in 40's and 50's.

J Health Care Dent. 2008; 10: 31-38.

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