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The Journal of The Japan Health Care Dental Association

The Journal of The Japan Health Care Dental Association Vol.10 No.1, 2008

Improve Exposed Root Surface by Correct Brushing which Avoids Damaging Gingiva

Chie Shinohara

Changing to a correct brushing method, I experienced an improvement of marked gingival configuration in patients. A male patient visited us feeling uncomfortable about gingival recession. At the first examination, he used a toothbrush with hard bristle as in Fones brushing method. He was instructed to use a toothbrush with soft bristle, stroking the brush laterally on the gingival recessed portion and brushing the interdenal space by holding the brush longitudinally. Instruction and observation continued for 3 weeks, then 4 months and so on. After 10 months, the plaque was not completely removed, causing gingival inflammation. He was asked to visit our dental office to acquire a knack in placing a brush on the cervical area. When 2 years had passed, recessed gingival was observed. Further improvement occurred and after 4 years and 8 months, the exposed root surface was mostly covered.

J Health Care Dent. 2008; 10: 19-23.

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