POEM 1 of The Japan Health Care Dental Association

POEM no.1

(2007. 2.28)

DMF teeth have decreased significantly in children. On the other hand, individual gap widens.

There are children who have few cavities and those who have many cavities.


Percentage of people by DMF teeth as of first visit. 763 children of 10 years old and 307 children of 15 years old examined in 16 dental offices.

Example of 12 year-old children in Shiga prefecture

Colored by number of cavities (total of DMF teeth) per child at 12 years old.
Red area, where the number of caries is high.
Blue area, where the number of caries is low.
Problems are different by area. Thus, individually planned health measures have gradually but successfully decreased the average DMF teeth.


(note) Maps here are based on dental examination at school in each community. You may be able to find detailed information about children's teeth of your town. Although dental examination at school is covered by tax, the results are not required report. Thus, data is not available in some areas. (The Japan Health Care Dental Association: http://www.healthcare.gr.jp)