POEM 3 of The Japan Health Care Dental Association

POEM no.3

(2009. 2.28)

A study shows that periodontal disease tends to affect severer in smokers than in non-smokers.


Seiichi Sugiyama: Investigation of new patients at the dental clinics. The Journal of the Japan Health Care Dental Association, 8(1); 36, 2006.

The commercial of tobacco

In Japan, the commercial of tobacco used to represent positive images.
But now we tend to see publicity on smoking manners. This is because of "Framework Convention on Tobacco Control" (FCTC) issued in February, 2005, and Japan had to take the world standard action towards tobacco control. Since then, publicity on tobacco has become what warns smoking risks.

FCTC is an international cooperation treaty that postpones commercial activities to country's right to protect nation's health. This regulation is essential for preventing import of poisonous tobacco. In the developed countries, tobacco controls are severer than the FCTC. They limit tobacco ads and declare for the damage from tobacco. On the contrary, Tobacco Business Law in Japan postpones nation's health to tobacco industries and nation's finance. Such a law exists only in Japan. This is why Japanese tobacco packages include little about damage from tobacco. In addition, the tobacco industry belongs to Ministry of Finance in Japan.

Restriction of Tobacco Ads and Promotion
Countries: UK & Northern IrelandFranceItalyGermanyKoreaJapan
National broadcastingProhibitedProhibitedProhibitedProhibitedProhibitedAccepted
International broadcastingAAAAPA
National NewspaperPPPAAA
International NewspaperAPAAAA
Bulletin Board/ Outdoor advertisingPPPAPA
Point of sale systemAAPAAA
Free distributionPPAAPA
Discount salePPAAPP
Non-tobacco products with the name of tobacco brandsPPAAAA
Tobacco products with the name of non-tobacco productsPPAAAA
Exposing tobacco products on TV programs or moviesPPPAAA
Sponsoring activities at eventsPPAAAA
Warnings in tobacco package
Countries: UK & Northern IrelandFranceItalyGermanyKoreaJapan
Prohibition by laws/ regulations of expressions which may cause misunderstandings about tobaccoYesYesYesYesNoNo